Earn a High Quality Education in the field of Neurodiagnostic Technology and Electroencephalography (EEG) and start earning the money that you deserve in a career that you will love.

EEG Training
Don't procrastinate... an exciting and rewarding career is just 12 months away!


It is our mission to lead the industry as the preferred neurodiagnostic technology school.

Neurodiagnostic Technologists are vital to professional healthcare teams. They use specialized equipment to monitor how well a person’s brain and nervous system are functioning. They provide valuable information that neurologists, physicians, and surgical teams use to diagnose and treat conditions such as stroke, brain tumors, epilepsy, sleep disorders, and congenital and degenerative brain diseases.

The NTI Advantage

Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute provides a high-quality education in as little as 12 months that will allow you to start a great career in the highly sought after field of neurodiagnostic technology. Our online program is flexible enough to adapt to YOUR busy schedule and our experienced faculty will help you learn the material necessary for you to accomplish your goals. Courses are available in your area. Why not start today?

Learn from experienced and credentialed instructors.

Experience post-graduate support to help you find that great job!

A High Quality Education that prepares you for the EEG Registration Exam.

On target, online classes that are available where and when you are able to study.

Take advantage of the exciting and fast-growing field of neurodiagnostic technology.


Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute is dedicated to providing a quality neurodiagnostic education. Through our reach, we are making neurodiagnostic technology education more easily accessible to a greater number of people.

We teach using a custom blend of online and hands-on education to create an engaging and interactive learning environment. You will be tested regularly to confirm your understanding and application of key neurodiagnostic principles and practices which will allow you to confidently join the workforce in your new career.

We seek to raise the current levels of knowledge and professionalism expected from Neurodiagnostic Technologists to make them the most sought after in the industry. It is our mission to lead the industry as the preferred neurodiagnostic technology school.


We provide graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain work as Neurodiagnostic Technologists and be eligible to take the American Board of Registration of Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Technologists (ABRET) EEG board exam to become Registered EEG Technologists (R. EEG T).

  • A 12-month education program in the field of Electroencephalography (EEG).
  • A custom blend of online and hands-on education.
  • Externships and online learning take place concurrently.
  • Courses are available online and externships occur locally, so no travel or housing is required.


  • Kaitlynnd J.
    "NTI is nothing short of amazing. Going to school online can be kind of scary because often times you wonder if you are going to be able to receive the help and support you need. Let me ease that fear for you with NTI the professors are always an e-mail or phone call away and willing to take time out of their day to help you in whatever way they can. The administration is top notch and Tanya is always right there to help every step of the way. Even after graduation they stay in contact with you and check if there is anything you need help with to help get you ready for boards. They really truly care about your success in this career path. I consider myself very lucky to have found NTI!"
    Kaitlynnd J.
  • Jessica M.
    "This school deserves nothing less than a 5 star rating! I am just a few short weeks away from graduating, and getting ready to take my Boards and would love to thank each and everyone of them for helping me along the way. All of the staff that i've come in contact with, have been so understanding and kind hearted. Online school is a bit challenging, but it makes a huge difference when you have your instructor ready and able to help when needed. All around, great staff, great people, great program!"
    Jessica M.
  • Jody C.
    “I have nothing but good to say about this program, the education that you will receive and the outstanding and talented and unbelievable staff that make up the Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute. The instructors are leaders in their fields and the help, praise, guidance, and friendship that you will get from this program is going to be the very best in the field!! I am a working mother of twins and in my 40’s. I wanted to further my education but needed a program that would work around my needs and make my dream of obtaining an education in Neurodiagnostic Technology field possible. This program and the instructors are the answer. So if you have the dream to further your education in Neurodiagnostic Technology and want a good atmosphere with instructors that WANT you to learn and make it a goal to bring outstanding information and material to you this program is for you!!! Start your future today with the NEURODIAGNOSTIC TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE. You will not regret your decision.”
    Jody C.
  • Eden A.
    “I am a current student with the Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute and it has been such a great experience. During these past eight months, I have been surrounded by the most positive and knowledgeable instructors in neurodiagnostics and Tanya (my academic advisor) has been a major help in getting me started and keeping me on track. Great Job!”
    Eden A.
  • Madison M.
    "Being one of the first people to attend this I couldn’t tell you all the emotions I felt. But now I look back and wouldn’t change anything. This school is great the teachers are awesome and they are very understanding. This career pathway isn’t for everyone but I LOVE IT!!! I tell people about it all the time. Being only 20 people either love me or think someone in my family helped me get my job and honestly this school is why I can do what I do at a young age. NTI is awesome and I highly recommend to anyone!"
    Madison M.

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