Tuition & Fees

Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute is committed to making our courses affordable and attainable.

Our tuition and fees are simple and straightforward, making going back to school easier for you. Knowing the total cost of the program will help you plan your finances accordingly. The average student can expect to pay the following:
$50 Application Fee
$9,500 Tuition
$58 ASET Membership
$750 Textbooks (estimated)
$100 Graduation Fee

You should budget approximately $750 to purchase the required textbooks in new condition. You may be able to reduce this cost by renting your textbooks or by purchasing used books. Textbooks should be purchased prior to attending the first class from the provider of your choice.

The Institute will provide you with the required supplies to begin their studies to become a neurodiagnostic technologist at no additional cost.

Payment for the background check, drug screening, and immunization tracking required by clinical sites are the responsibility of the student.

Applicants are encouraged to call the Admissions Department to discuss tuition and finance options so that they may make an informed decision about which option best suits your individual needs.


Tuition is due no later than fifteen days prior to the beginning of the next quarter via personal check, money order, credit card, or PayPal.

Checks and money orders should be made payable for the exact amount stated in your Enrollment Agreement and sent to:
Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute
2881 Delaney Avenue, Suite D
Orlando, Florida 32806


Application Fee
Cost: $50

Cost: $9,500
Refundable (see Student Catalog for details)

Important Tuition Payment Information: An applicant is not considered officially registered and may not attend classes until all fees and tuition are paid in full or other payment arrangements have been made.

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