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Why Choose Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute

Our Mission

Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute’s mission is to raise the level of knowledge and professionalism in the neurodiagnostic technology field by providing high quality, convenient, and affordable education.


At Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute, we have a passion for what we do and want to encourage you to join and enjoy the many benefits of a career in Neurodiagnostic Technology.
We will achieve our purpose by:
  • Expanding access to neurodiagnostic training to make it more convenient for busy people who are limited by location or time.
  • Creating a unique blended-learning environment that harnesses the interactivity of the Internet and blends it with experiential learning achieved in a hands-on clinical setting.
  • Sharing real-life experiences of seasoned neurodiagnostic professionals in a hands-on learning environment.
  • Developing a network of local and national neurodiagnostic professionals to support new students and alumni.
  • Creating an interactive and collaborative atmosphere purposefully designed to develop students’ critical thinking skills and technological savvy.
  • Using frequent testing to confirm student knowledge, understanding, and mastery of skills. These valuations allow us to provide a more individual approach to the information that is aligned to your progress.
  • Challenging students to reach their highest potential in their knowledge, understanding, skills, and professionalism in the practice of neurodiagnostic technology.
  • Promoting the pillars of exceptional patient care.
  • Developing medical professionals who are productive employees and members of their communities.

We are a dynamic learning organization committed to achieving its Mission, Purpose and upholding the following Core Values:

  • Respect for the Individual
  • Student focused
  • Academic excellence
  • Accessibility and engagement
  • Improvement based on continuous professional assessment
  • Effective communication
  • Integrity
  • Leadership and initiative
  • Innovation


Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute offers a twelve-month professional educational program that provides graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to be eligible to seek employment as neurodiagnostic techologists and to take the EEG Registration Exam to become Registered EEG Technologists. Our commitment extends beyond passing the EEG Registration Exam and includes helping students establish their careers by providing assistance with job search strategies, résumé preparation, and interview skills. While a job for each graduate cannot be guaranteed, each graduate has the opportunity to develop the tools and learn the skills necessary to find a job. Your success is our greatest achievement.
  • A 12-month professional, healthcare, educational program
  • A custom blend of online and hands-on education
  • Convenient, online learning can be completed any time, day or night.
  • Clinical externships are conducted at local hospitals and neurodiagnostic facilities
  • Is your first step to a new healthcare career as an EEG Technologist

The Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute program helps you prepare for a rewarding career in the healthcare field of Electroencephalography (EEG). You will have unique opportunities to work with medical professionals and use your knowledge and skills to take an active role in the diagnoses and treatment patients. At the Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute you will gain the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience to operate advanced diagnostic equipment, perform neurological studies and analyze the results.

We teach using a custom blend of online and hands-on education to create an engaging and interactive learning environment. The Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute program leverages the technological advances and reach of the Internet to offer motivated students the opportunity to pursue a career in neurodiagnostic technology. The Institute offers students the flexibility to learn at home with a curriculum that meets rigorous professional education standards.

The Next Generation in Education

Imagine the advantages of a specialized professional training program that’s delivered to you wherever you are. The Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute expands the traditional classroom and puts it within your reach. If you are able to access the Internet, you can attend class.

A unique learning program that features:

  • A challenging curriculum developed by experienced and trusted healthcare professionals.
  • Instruction from experienced physicians and Registered EEG Technologists.
  • Curriculum materials thoughtfully designed for a dynamic online learning environment.
  • An externship clinical sites program providing you with real-world practical experience while you attend class.

Our classes are designed to give students the involvement and interaction of a traditional class combined with the convenience of online learning. Students can ask questions, participate in discussions and get to know their classmates. To provide vital hands-on experience the Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute works with neurodiagnostic facilities around the country to provide clinical site experience. Our externship program allows students to gain practical work experience that cannot be acquired in a classroom.

It all comes down to this: Our student-friendly technology platform, interactive online classes, and clinical site experiences will help prepare you to succeed in this exciting industry.


A new way to learn online

The online program at the Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute utilizes the cloud-based Canvas learning management system. Each student has secure, password access to the Institute’s exclusive instruction website.

Inside the student portal you can create a profile, attend virtual classes and presentations, and engage in group discussions. Classes are made up of students from different locations and backgrounds that have come together online to and learn, share, and interact with instructors and each other. It’s like you’re attending a traditional educational program except you can participate from wherever you are.

The technology has been thoughtfully designed to make learning and participating simple, convenient, and intuitive. You are able to review recorded presentations; submit individual and group homework assignments; take surveys, quizzes and tests; receive instructor feedback; and access your grades at your convenience.

A new way to learn offline

The Neurodiagnostic Technology Institute is a hybrid program that combines online instruction with hands-on clinical experience. The Institute works with neurodiagnostic facilities around the country to provide clinical site experience to its students. You will receive clinical training in a neurodiagnostic lab or clinic from Registered EEG Technologists who will instruct, guide, and mentor your progress. As your knowledge and skills improve, you will be able perform tasks efficiently and effectively with minimum supervision.

Your success is our priority. When you have satisfactorily completed your program you will have the combination of knowledge, understanding, skills, and practical experience needed to take the Electroencephalography (EEG) Board Exam to become Registered EEG Technologists (R. EEG T.).